Fifty Shades of Grey Indulge Your Fantasies Kit

Only $169.00 - Save $33.00

If you’re looking for some of the toys inspired by the hugely successful erotic novel,Fifty Shades of Grey, this kit is for you. You’ll find everything you need to start exploring the sex games enjoyed by lovers Ana and Christian, the book’s main characters. Told from the perspective of a young woman being introduced to the pleasures of BDSM by an older man, the novel and its themes of power play are inspiring readers to try on a little kink of their own. The kit includes the Etherea Cuffs, Kandi Kisses vibrator, Luna Beads kegel balls, a Kookie Riding Crop, and Spank Me Powder. You save $33 when you buy these toys as a kit. Similar product substitutions may be made due to stock fluctuations.

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You've read the Fifty Shades books, now indulge your fantasies